Home Servicing

Here are some questions which you may be wondering about…

How does this service work?

We know that servicing a fire extinguisher can be a real pain, so we figured we’d make it really easy for you! It’s really simple – Register your extinguisher with us and we’ll monitor the next service date of your fire extinguisher. When the due date arrives, we’ll have it collected and swap it out with a newly serviced one! Yes, it’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible. The following prices are a once off annual fee, per fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Size Price
1Kg DCP R 120.00
1.5Kg DCP R 130.00
2.5Kg DCP R 140.00
4.5Kg DCP Exchange only R 150.00
4.5Kg DCP Powder/Nitrogen Refill* R 250.00
9Kg DCP Exchange only R 150.00
9Kg DCP Powder/Nitrogen Refill* R 300.00
2Kg Co2 R 150.00
5Kg Co2 R 150.00
5Kg Co2 Gas Refill* R 300.00

* Powder/Nitrogen/ Co2 Refills are only required if you have used your fire extinguisher or if the pressure gauge is pointing to the red. Otherwise, a standard service will apply

When do I pay?

You don’t pay anything until your extinguisher is ready to be serviced. We will contact you to arrange the swap and only then will we ask for payment.

I have more than one fire extinguisher to register, do I get a discount?

We knew you’d ask and are happy to offer you a discount based on the amount of fire extinguishers you are registering.

Number of Fire Extinguishers Discount
1 0%
2 10%
3 15%
4 20%
5 or more 25%

Do you service all brands of fire extinguishers?

Absolutely! The only requirement that we have is that your fire extinguisher is manufactured by a SABS approved manufacturer. You will find the SABS mark on the instruction label of your fire extinguisher. If you see it, we will gladly swap it out for you!

I have a 0.6Kg DCP fire extinguisher, can you service it?

We’re sorry but we cannot service a 0.6Kg DCP fire extinguisher as it does not fall within the scope of the SABS standard for fire extinguishers. Don’t be disappointed, we are happy to swap it out for you for a 1Kg DCP fire extinguisher for only R150!

What if my fire extinguisher’s pressure gauge is pointing to the green, do I still need to have my fire extinguisher serviced?

A fire extinguisher needs to be serviced annually or immediately after it has been used. Your fire extinguisher will need to be serviced even if the pressure gauge pin is pointing to the green.

Where do you offer this service?

For now, we are offering this service anywhere within the Gauteng region only. If you live outside of Gauteng, please register your fire extinguisher with us anyway and we will hopefully be able to offer service to you in the near future.