Fire Extinguishers for Domestic and Commercial Use

Firexo is a more environmentally-friendly easy to use ALL in one fire extinguishing solution, making it the perfect domestic fire extinguisher to protect both home, family and belongings. Firexo also offers much easier clean-up than other types of extinguishers. After the trauma of a fire being extinguished, worrying about anyone being exposed to harmful chemicals is the last thing anyone wants. Using the wrong type of extinguisher on the wrong class of fire can have disastrous results. Firexo removes any confusion or worry about which home fire extinguisher to use on which type of fire.

Fire Extinguisher for Home Kitchen

Protect your family at home with Firexo’s specially designed handy sachet option – the perfect at home fire extinguisher. Keep in your kitchen drawer for peace of mind.

Chip pans are the most common cause of household fires. It’s all too easy to become distracted when cooking, particularly if you have little ones around – Firexo Sachets are a simple and affordable pan fire extinguisher.

If you have ever set up a campfire, you will understand that Oxygen, Heat, and a Fuel source are all required for its success.

Oxygen is in the air, heat is provided by a flame, and wood or charcoal is the fuel source. In addition, campers also know that dousing a campfire with water will extinguish it. This scenario is an example of a Class A Fire. Whilst a significant number of people understand the concept of a wood fire, they may not be aware however that there are additional types as well: Class B, C, D, and F fires. These further fire classes include a variety of fuel sources, as well as accounting for different temperatures relating to the fuel source. Most importantly with these fire classes comes the need to know and understand the different extinguishing agents specific to each of them. As shown in the table, water is only effective at extinguishing Class A Fires.