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Use: CO2 extinguishers are specifically designed to extinguish a fire in a clean and tidy manner. When used, the extinguisher discharges CO2 into the fire, thereby removing the oxygen and preventing the fire to continue. CO2 extinguishers are effective only in indoor environments and typically used where there is delicate electrical or technical equipment. Ideal for offices, server rooms, kitchens, computer rooms etc.

Maintenance: CO2 Extinguishers must be serviced every 12 months (or sooner) in compliance with SABS standards. Extinguishers must also go through a hydrostatic testing every 10 years ensuring the strength of the cylinder. Please see Services for more about the maintenance of CO2 extinguishers.

2kg CO2

The 2kg CO2 extinguisher is an effective tool in preventing ...

5kg CO2

A hardy extinguisher used to combat fire in delicate ...

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