Water Storage Tanks

Water Reticulation System

A key component in any water reticulation system is the steady and reliable supply of water. The use of water for fire extinguishing, such as sprinkler systems, fire hose reels and fire hydrants are obviously no different.

The increase in water requirements, necessitating in house capability for fire extinguishing as well as deteriorating infrastructure are some of the factors that have necessitated alternative or supplementary water supplies. Storage tanks are extremely practical and functional and have become the preferred method and solution ensuring adequate supply of water when you need it most.

When considering water tank solutions, there are many considerations, such as:

  • Nature of potential risk – size and use of facility, high or low hazard etc
  • Size of reticulation system
  • Water delivery method and capability (pump spec requirement)
  • Efficient delivery system – valves and water flows
  • System flow and pressure requirements – how much water and what pressure does the system need to deliver in a specific time period
  • Weather, Durability and long term maintenance capabilities or requirements

Whether you have existing tanks which need service or maintenance, or you require a new system, Intasafety offers professional and reliable solutions including calculations, design, fabrication, installation and repair for all fire water storage tanks. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you further.