Products - SuperSound Range

An aerosol powered, hand held signalling alarm for instant emergency communication at the touch of a finger.

The Supersound range of Signaling Sirens are used for Emergency Communication, compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Act requirements, and for Disaster and Risk Management Planning.

Canisters are lightweight & portable and can easily be carried by hand or in a pouch attached to a belt or attached to safety equipment. Supersound alarms do not sound like other electronic alarms and are therefore very easily identifiable in cases of emergency.


Fire Evacuation and Rescue Alarm

Drills - Blasting Signals

Emergency signalling alarm for security threats, accidents, and all outdoor activities, sports and marine.


Industrial - Occupational Health and Safety requirements of fire evacuation and assembly points.

Factories, military, hospitals, schools, old age homes, oil depots, power plants, warehouses, airports, harbours, railway maintenance signalling, crane and safety equipment, community policing, disaster management and emergency planning, rural and informal settlement fire protection and detection.

Outdoor Activities

Camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, golfing & marine in cases of accidents, location signalling, inclement weather warnings & starting races.


Neighbour to neighbour signalling, fire, accidents, security alerts, housing complex emergency planning & farm safety.


  • Aerosol powered
  • No electricity
  • No batteries
  • Maintenance free
  • Portable
  • Back up to existing alarm or main alarm
  • Replaceable canisters
  • non flammable
  • non toxic
  • environmentally friendly

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