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Emergency Alarm Station


Product Info

The Emergency Alarm Station is a polycarbonate housing unit for the Loud ‘n Clear Siren.


  • • The Emergency Alarm Station is easily identifiable with its brightly labeled Perspex front and provides easy and fast access to the Loud ‘n Clear Aerosol powered Siren in Emergency events.
  • • Strategically placed around premises, the Emergency Alarm Station will allow designated Safety Wardens and Safety teams to access the Loud ‘n Clear siren for communication and alerts in a Fire, flooding, accident, evacuation or any other Emergency event.


  • • 2mm ABS Wall Mount Box with Perspex slide front.
  • • Height 23cm.
  • • Supplied with Tie Seals, Self Screw Nails and Wall Plugs.
  • • Easy DIY installation.

Replaceable Canisters:

When you are nearing the end of the aerosol in both the Loud ‘n Clear Siren and Personal Alarm (you can assess this from the weight of the canister), you can obtain new refills from any supplier. Simply screw off and keep the horn in a safe place for use with your new refill canister.

The Most Cost Effective Alarm for all your Emergency Signalling requirements.